Migraines Treatment in San Francisco, CA

Studies show that a significant percentage of the population experiences tension headaches on a regular basis.

The most common kind of headache is tension headache, which is caused by muscle contraction.

Dr. Liu frequently consults with patients who are experiencing:

  • Discomfort felt behind the eyes.
  • There is discomfort or tension in the neck and shoulders.
  • Symptoms may include pressure or tightness felt in the forehead, behind the eyes, and on the sides or backs of the eyes.

Headaches and migraines are conditions that can happen without warning.

Migraines are a type of headache that is typically restricted to one side and may be accompanied by nausea and heightened sensitivity to light or sound.

Dr. Liu frequently provides treatment for individuals who experience headaches or migraines that are triggered or aggravated by various factors.

  • eye strain
  • cold temperatures
  • alcohol
  • smoking
  • fatigue
  • cold/flu/sinus infection
  • bad posture
  • caffeine
  • stress

How can Dr. Liu help my migraines?

Dr. Liu will perform a medical evaluation that includes a review of medical history and a physical examination.

One potential treatment option for migraines that a doctor may suggest is Intranasal Spenocatch Lidocaine to provide relief to patients.

Can you provide information on Intranasal Spenocath Lidocaine?

The Intranasal Spenocath Lidocaine procedure provides immediate relief for patients with chronic and episodic migraine, cluster headache, chronic daily headache, and other headache syndromes. The Spenocath device is a soft catheter that delivers medication inside the nasal passageway for patient comfort. The procedure typically takes under 5 minutes and is minimally invasive.

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