Genomics Testing in Burlingame, CA

The Benefits of Genomics Testing

By reading your DNA, genomics testing can provide insight into your body. This includes discovering current and potential health issues to enhance your quality of life. Armed with this information, a personalized treatment plan can be developed based on your unique DNA.

Genomics testing can:

  • Assist in identifying current health concerns and collaborate on creating a treatment plan.

  • Assist in identifying potential future health concerns, such as specific SNPs in DNA that may increase the risk of conditions like Alzheimer’s, macular degeneration, or other cognitive disorders.

    By utilizing this data, we can create uncomplicated techniques that involve nutrition, supplements, adjustments to one’s lifestyle, and at times natural peptides to aid in the prevention of certain illnesses.

California Regenerative Clinic offers comprehensive genomic testing to design a health optimization program. The clinic has partnered with IntellxxDNA, a company that specializes in providing advanced and personalized genomic analysis. IntellxxDNA is the only clinical decision support tool developed for medical practices. It provides accurate, clinically relevant, and actionable genomic information to optimize brain function and overall health while preventing chronic diseases. Direct-to-consumer genetic services only provide raw data on genetics, which is not comprehensive enough for treatment planning. Direct-to-consumer tests and reports are not medically comprehensive and do not tell the whole story.

IntellxxDNA testing employs bead technology and PCR testing to analyze your genome, resulting in a 98% accuracy rate. Direct-to-consumer companies, on the other hand, use a less accurate technology that can lead to errors and unreliability in results (less than 50-75% accurate in some cases!). These companies warn that their information is not intended for medical or diagnostic purposes and advise users to consult with a medical practitioner before making any significant lifestyle changes.

What are Genomics?

Humans have unique genes that make up who they are and act as their body’s user manual. Genomics are small changes in DNA that can provide insight into a person’s health. This includes identifying pre-dispositioned cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s, risk of heart disease, cognitive decline, detoxification issues, chronic inflammation, chronic infections, autoimmune conditions, and diabetes before symptoms arise. Genomics can also help identify gene variants related to nutrient and hormone transportation in the body and brain, allowing for personalized nutrient and hormone recommendations.

DNA cannot be changed, but Genomics can alter DNA expression and potentially reverse chronic disease. Genomics can reveal the cause of unexplainable conditions. Integrated medicine is combined with genomics to find solutions based on an individual’s unique DNA. This personalized approach is ideal for patients who have tried other options or want to optimize their health. Each person’s genomics are different, making this approach tailored to the individual.

Do I really want to dig deep into my DNA?

Understanding your genomic profile can enable informed health decisions that may impact your future quality of life; it is important to note that DNA is not a determining factor.

DNA results allow for effective counseling of patients regarding diet, lifestyle, nutrition, supplements, and medication needs. Genomics provides clinicians with science-focused genomic intelligence to optimize health.

What do IntellxxDNA™ reports show?

IntellxxDNA™ reports provide insight into your unique genetic make-up to assist your clinician in developing personalized care. Your DNA contains variants that may signal potential benefits and risks. Our reports examine how these variants can affect your quality of life and offer well-researched intervention strategies. These strategies encompass environment, lifestyle, nutrition, supplements, and medications, and serve as a basis of discussion between you and your clinician. The reports do not make decisions for you.

Two Exciting Report Options Available!

Whether you pick the Comprehensive Medical Report, the Cognitive Health Report, or both, the most unique feature of an IntellxxDNA™ report is that it provides your clinician with referenced potential modifications and strategies to address your genomics. Our IntellxxDNA™ reports allow for truly personalized medicine so that you know the recommendations your clinician makes are targeted for YOU!

Comprehensive Medical Report

This report focuses on common health concerns, including:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Osteoporosis
  • Obesity
  • Macular degeneration.

It also helps identify potential genomic health risks, such as the propensity for blood clots, response to anesthesia and opioids. The celiac and histamine panels can help quickly untangle many G.I. issues. Also included are the various genes involved in methylation, homocysteine, vitamin B12 and vitamin D metabolism. The pathways are critical in preventing chronic diseases and inflammatory states that may lead to some cancers. There are 20 different panels and over 250 SNPs analyzed in the Comprehensive Medical Report.

Cognitive Health Report

This exciting report is designed to help understand the reversible/ addressable causes of memory loss. There are two different versions of this report and your clinician will choose the best option for your needs. Both reports address over 100 SNPs found to affect cognition, based on published medical literature along with referenced potential interventions. Some of these combinations of SNPs have been found to increase or decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s by 20% or more. When you know your genes, you can impact their expression with natural food, herbal remedies, supplements and lifestyle. Genes highlighted in this report, in addition to the well-known APOE ε4, relate to numerous pathways of inflammation, proteins that help clear amyloid from the brain, hormone related pathways, mitochondrial factors, copper, zinc, choline, detoxification pathways and more. Our report will help your clinician or nutritionist target their recommendations specifically to you! Remember, the point of knowing about your genes is to be able to empower yourself to help your genes to work FOR you, not against you. If you don’t know, you can’t prevent or change your existing conditions or future risks for these disease states.

What next?

Your DNA is not your destiny. In fact, understanding your genomic profile empowers you to make intelligent health and wellness choices now that may impact your future quality of life. IntellxxDNA™ reports focus on the health and wellness of the whole person, rather than on isolated disease states. Dr. Liu and Dr. Diblasio at California Regenerative Clinic will review your genomic profile as one of several factors of consideration when making clinical decisions to help you achieve optimal health.

Commonly Asked Questions

How is the test performed?

The test consists of a non-invasive saliva test that will be analyzed and processed. Test results typically take about 6-8 weeks.

Does health insurance pay for IntellxxDNA™ tests or reports? Will genetic testing affect my health insurance?

IntellxxDNA™ is not direct-to-consumer and does not accept insurance at this time. You should know that the Genetics Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 (GINA) prohibits insurance companies and employers with less than 15 employees from acquiring results of genetic tests. Group health insurance companies cannot use genetic information to deny coverage, establish pre-existing condition clauses, or change premiums. They also cannot require genetic testing. You own and control your results and your personal information is not identified with the results. It can be done totally anonymously.

Should my genetic test results be included in my medical record?

This genetic testing will NOT become a part of your medical file, as no insurance is billed and a separate medical portal is used for the data. IntellxxDNA’s results come with scientifically researched recommendations, and Dr. Liu and Dr. Diblasio at California Regenerative Clinic. will individually review these results with you and help you to decide which genes to act on based on your medical history and test results.

Why do I have to go through clinician to receive IntellxxDNA™ testing and reporting?

Unlike ancestry-based genomics, the field of medical genomics is complex, even for well-trained clinicians. IntellxxDNA™ provides clinicians with ongoing education to ensure that they have access to research-based, accurate information.